Our story

… begins in 1980 with the establishment at the current headquarters of the company Mainardis Giovanni and sons Snc by the owner of the same name, who moved his business to his hometown, which in the previous twenty years was located in Tarcento and managed with his brother .
The foundation of the company is closely linked to the sad events of the earthquake that violently hit the Gemonese area in 1976, to the important fortune of having all come out unscathed, but the heavy damage count is countered.
But rebuilding it does not discourage Giovanni who, with an entrepreneurial mentality, saw an opportunity in that destruction.
He then decides with his children to invest on two fronts, that of the reconstitution of personal assets and the establishment of the new company in his hometown.

the uncertainty of the first times was soon overcome, the engine of the reconstruction started, the professionalism and the certainty of a work to perfection ensured the rest!

The 90s

After a decade characterized by the supply of material for private construction and funerary art, the time was ripe to start managing works with a wider dynamic, supplies for large public works begin to be acquired, to establish relationships with foreign producers for processing and marketing of their materials as alternatives to traditional ones. In the mid-90s, EmmeBi marmi e Graniti Srl was founded, with the express purpose of giving a commercial and visibility change to our skills, even with the opening of the show room. In addition to this evolution of the market, the other word is innovation!

In 1998 the first numerical control machine was purchased to evolve the working capacity

The new millennium

The 90s passed quickly and radically changed the company structure, which, although still familiar, has become a dynamic reality and attentive to developments in the sector.
The opening of foreign markets added to the increase in internal orders required an adequate location, so the company was doubled with a shed and building used as a new office.

New technologies allow us to be more competitive but at the same time we look to the environment and safety

up to the present day ...

In the current decade, the advent of the crisis has made its effects felt on our sector, but we have tried to protect ourselves by aiming at specialization, the ability to provide increasingly innovative materials, processes and services. We have continued to invest in the purchase of additional equipment, making the production lines more modern and efficient.

.. new challenges await us!