Solid Artisan Tradition

We have always dealt with daily passion of marble and granite processing

A dynamic artisan reality specialized in the processing of stone products. We are structured to meet a very wide range of needs ranging from the study of design solutions to pure third party work.

Over the years we have acquired experience and professionalism and invested in equipment and machinery, with the aim of keeping up with the times in competitiveness, quality and speed of deliveries.


Cutting edge technology

A technical office capable of modeling your ideas by making paper drawings or developing a project digitally in CAD. We are ready to advise you on materials, processes and costs.

We'll think about it!

From the survey of the measurements on site, to the design, to the production of models and samples, up to the complete installation both in Italy and abroad.


The only limit can be your imagination … we are able to carry out all the processes on the market.

State-of-the-art creations

Each piece, project, object … becomes for us a work to be sculpted and added to the collection of works carried out over the years of activity
Interior design

A unique open-book floor, a staircase, a bathroom, a tavern ... every element with attention to the smallest detail ...

Holy art

Exclusive and elegant processes for the construction of funeral and cemetery monuments with the use of always first choice materials


Are you an architect? surveyor? customer with special needs? Let's sit down and together we study the best solution ...

Dreams come true with us

Whatever you have in mind we can forge it and make it unique and eternal in stone!

A resistant material

Despite its ancient history, marble has not lost its charm, becoming today one of the most popular and used materials for furnishing private and public buildings.

Some of our customers' frequently asked questions about the use and maintenance of marble and granite

Sodium bicarbonate is the ideal product for cleaning the most delicate materials. It cleanses and degreases gently, does not corrode, does not scratch and leaves no harmful residues.
To clean the stained granite, just use hot water to which we can add a little neutral soap or Marseille soap, using a soft woolen cloth and then rinse carefully.
In the case of floors or large surfaces, the restoration of the gloss can be carried out with wax. It stretches over the entire surface, once dry polish with a single brush or polisher fitted with special wool discs.